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Philly D Covers Olympics Better Than Bob Costas—And Adds Hot Models! [VIDEO]


It’s getting harder to keep up with Philly D nowadays. The crazed Youtube commentator (known to regular folks as Philip DeFranco) has taken to knocking out regular videos every Monday through Thursday. You’ll want to tune in, too, since Philly’s frantic style makes pop culture seem exciting again. The video here has Philly taking a hard look at controversial Olympics swimmer Yi Shiwen, and the fair-minded guy manages to sum up the story better than anyone could manage at NBC. Philly also has fun celebrity gossip about Tom Hardy and Cuba Gooding(!), plus a reluctant look at creepy lifelike dolls. There’s also some token sexytime coverage, of course—and plenty more action crammed into this wild ride through the zeitgeist!

COED Writer
J.R. Taylor has spent several years covering all aspects of pop culture for prestigious publications. Well, they were prestigious. Contact me: @google+ @twitter @email @website