Kate Upton’s Naked Handbra Wins A Gold Medal For Fancy Hotness [28 PHOTOS]


Ladies and gentlemen, we might be witnessing a change in the American goddess known as Kate Upton. Truthfully, I don’t know if this is good or bad news. While her GQ photoshoot┬áhad us super hyped that she might be basking in her role as sex-symbol, Kate has most recently been gaining legitimacy among fashion models by posing in more artsy photos. Please don’t get me wrong, a change in scenery might not be a bad thing as you might notice from her butt-naked armbra shot in Contributor Magazine. I’m just saying that I kind of enjoyed her when she wasn’t so fancy. Is it just me or does she look somewhat like Kate Moss from back in the heroin-chic days?

Why don’t you look at her most recent photos below and tell me which Kate you like more.

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