How Volunteering At A Hospital Can Resuscitate Your Love Life [CHEAP DATE TONY]

It’s fun to volunteer at your local hospital, and a great place to meet the ladies. Especially if you can get access to the mental facility.The women in there are just how I like them: hot, damaged, and usually a lot of fun. I speak from experience, too. The mental health volunteers are some of the more interesting women I have had the pleasure of dating—and easier to hook up with than you think. [lead image via Shutterstock]

Just contact your local hospital and find out how to volunteer. Hospital volunteer jobs are easy. You bring patients some books, refill water pitchers, and provide company to sick and lonely people. (Perk: If they’re really sick, you might become a late addition to their will and inherit all of their money!) It’s a win/win situation.

Also, volunteering at a hospital shows these candy stripers that you’re working on becoming a better person. And, if you’re a better person, that leads to these hospital hotties thinking  that you’re sensitive and sexy, and—most importantly—not very shallow. Having them believe this could lead to some hot times fooling around in the medical supply storage room.

Cost of Hooking Up With Hospital Hotties: Free

Now here are some fun things you can do as a hospital volunteer:

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