The 10 Sexiest Fencers To Watch In The London Olympic Games [PHOTOS]

Ladies with swords. Usually, that’s not our favorite combination. We’ll make an exception for these awesome Olympian fencers, though. The world’s most graceful swordswomen have gathered to compete in this classic sport. In fact, the sport is so classic that the term Olympic Fencing was created to distinguish the sport from the more traditional duel to the death. These gals compete in the three classic fencing forms of épée, sabre, and foil. Their own forms aren’t bad, either. In fact, this sport appeals to some real classic beauties. The competition has been hot and heated—with a little controversy—during this year’s Games. Now you’re about to get heated up over some fine fencing femmes…

Note: we’ve linked to the athletes’ Facebook and Twitter pages when available. If you don’t see a link, that means we couldn’t find them.

Sylwia Gruchala

(Country: Poland | Age: 30 | Event: Foil)

Sylwia won the bronze in the 2004 Olympics, and a silver medal way back in the 2000 Games. She’s got a real fighting spirit, too—which you might expect from her day job as part of the Polish military.

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Monika Sozanska

(Country: Germany | Age: 29 | Event: Epee)

Out of all the girls that we’re featuring in this post, Monika (in my humble opinion) is the hottest. Does it hurt that she’s done numerous shoots with some of Germany’s top photographers? Absolutely not. While she’s won numerous German championships, this year will be her first time competing in the Olympics.

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Elisa di Francisca

(Country: Italy | Age: 29 | Event: Foil)

Elisa was the gal to beat in this year’s Games, and she’s already won the gold medal in the individual foil competitions. That’s not her first gold medal, though. This cunning competitor also walked away as a champion at the 2010 Senior World Championships—although she looks like a young talent to us!

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Britta Heidemann

(Country: Germany | Age: 29 | Event: Epee)

This German épée fencer had an eventful competition with South Korean fencer Shin A-Lam in this year’s Games, with her opponent contesting Britta’s win over the clock running out in a sudden death match. Nobody argued with Britta deciding to pose for German Playboy.

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Mariel Zagunis

(Country: United States of America | Age: 27 | Event: Sabre)

This seriously stunning sabre fencer scored gold medals in both the 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics. The Oregon gal is a second-generation Olympian, too, with both of Mariel’s parents having competed on U.S. rowing teams in the 1976 Summer Olympics.

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Rossella Fiamingo

(Country: Italy | Age: 21 | Event: Epee)

This pretty Fiamingo made her Olympian debut in this summer’s Games, and came on strong in the early competition. Then she lost in the quarter finals—but Rossella looks set to continue on as a real contender.

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Violetta Kolobova

(Country: Russia | Age: 21 | Event: Epee)

Russian fencer Violetta was defeated in the second round of the Games’ epee competitions, but she’s still looking like a real winner to us!

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Mara Navarria

(Country: Italy | Age: 21 | Event: Epee)

Mara was another gal who couldn’t get past the Games’ second round of  épée competitions, but she started out with a fine display against the German team. Mara’s certainly looking set for a big return to the Games before she wraps up her competitive career.

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Alejandra Benitez

(Country: Italy | Age: 27 | Event: Sabre)

This fencing femme from Venezuela started out young, and had already competed in the 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics before making the cut for this year’s Games.

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Olga Kharlan

(Country: Ukraine | Age: 21 | Event: Sabre)

She’s barely in her twenties, but Olga already comes to London as a gold medal Olympian. She was part of the Ukrainian team that won the gold in 2008, and looks set to be some serious competition in 2012.

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