Michael Ian Black and Comedians on the Late Shows [COMEDY TONIGHT]

How addicting were those  VH1’s I Love the… series? What made the show key was the appearance of sarcastic (or is it ironic?) Michael Ian Black with his irreverent commentary on pop culture. Michael is on Letterman tonight—most likely with even more sarcasm about pop culture. Now find out who else is served up in the late night “chuckle haus” this evening. (Note: “chuckle haus” is a copyrighted phrase. Any unauthorized use will result in blindness.)

Michael Ian Black on Late Show with David Letterman (CBS | 11:35 PM EST)

We like Michael Ian Black. Especially because our friend Brendon Walsh is one of his regular opening acts on the road.  Michael is best known for  VH1’s I Love the… series and his Comedy Central show, Stella. But he is also hailed as an original member of the sketch group The State, and appeared in the movie Wet Hot American Summer. Plus, the guy has one hell of a funny Twitter feed.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC | 12:35 AM EST)

Sorry. No comedy guests tonight. Watch the Olympics.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS|12:35 AM EST)

No comedy guests tonight. Boo hoo.

Jon Cryer on Conan (TBS|10 PM EST)

Okay, it’s a stretch to call Jon Cryer a “comedian.” 2 and a Half Men is pretty low-common-denominator as it gets—and even when it had drug-addled Charlie Sheen in the driver’s seat. Still, this is a man who has the legacy of playing the role of perpetual underdgo “Duckie” in the classic teen comedy Pretty In Pink.

The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno (NBC|11:35/10:35)

Sorry. No comedy guests tonight. Watch the Olympics.

Russell Brand on Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC |12:05 AM EST)

Again, there are two camps: Russell Brand is funny and Russell Brand is plain annoying. Sure, his stand-up act consists almost entirely on jokes on how hard it is to be a famous celebrity, but we did laugh at his antics in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (“I f*cked the maid!”) Weigh in your opinion by tuning in tonight.

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