HP’s Pimp Your Dorm Tech GIVEAWAY

Our good friends at HP want to…Pimp Your Dorm Tech! Enter our contest and receive a chance for HP to give you college room a high-tech makeover. All you have to do is submit a photo of the current crap tech you own and you could win a prize package that includes such cool HP products as: ENVY 4 Ultrabook, 2311xi LED Monitor, X4000 Stashe Mouse, and Select 120 Backpack.

Set system preferences to awesome: All you have to do is enter our HP, “Pimp Your Dorm Tech” giveaway. That’s right, HP will give your collegiate domain the high-tech push it needs to get your school year off to a Web 2.0 start.

Where do you start? All you have to do is submit a photo of your crappy tech and let the COED reader’s vote on which is…the crappiest of the crap tech!

Don’t be ashamed of the current tech you own: Show the world and let COED readers vote. If it makes the High Tech Hall of Shame, you’ll win such cool HP prizes as:

ENVY 4 Ultrabook

Sometimes big things come in small packages. With the ENVY 4 Ultrabook, we’re talking real small – less than an inch thick and under four pounds. Breathe a sigh of relief that you won’t have to do any extra push-ups just to carry around your laptop. With that slim frame, you still get a ton of premium features, like up to nine hours of battery life, HP Beats Audio for music the way the artist intended and HP CoolSense to automatically adjust your laptop’s temperature during heavy usage. And with how awesome the ENVY 4 is, we trust you’re going to be using it a lot.

2311xi LED Monitor

The 2311xi features what’s called IPS technology. What the heck does that mean? Basically you get wider viewing angles without compromising image quality. So if you decide to try and fit 4 of your frat buddies around the display to play a video game, all of you can see quite nicely. It’s a full 1080p HD panel as well, so explosions, hostile aliens and bone crushing tackles all look just as they should. And having a large, 23-inch display to hook up to your ENVY 4 means you can do your schoolwork faster and can get back to those explosions, hostile aliens and bone crushing tackles.

X4000 Stashe Mouse

It’s a mouse with a stashe. Need we say more? Quite possibly the coolest gadget ever created. Aside from the clever and sleek design, it’s also got a range of 30 feet from your PC and has best-in-class battery life of 30 months.

Select 120 Backpack

Lewis and Clark could have really used the Select 120 Backpack. It’s got room for basically everything: three main compartments, a quick-access media pocket that can store your laptop, phone and MP3 player and two exterior water bottle pockets. Plus, the section that holds your ENVY 4 has extra padding to provide more protection in case of drops. That comforts us, because we have a sneaky suspicion that you might have a tendency to drop things.

Celebrate your crappy tech by sharing your photos with the world – and win cool HP prizes!

Enter HP’s Pimp Your Dorm Tech contest. If your room is considered the worst of the worst, HP will give you that tech makeover – you deserve!

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