Guy Crams 30 Quarters Into His Belly Button [WORLD RECORD OF THE WEEK]

Most people keep their spare change laying around the house, in their dirty pockets, up their noses, or in a local homeless man’s change cup. Randon Beasley takes a bit of a different approach: He shoves them into his Grand Canyonesque-sized belly button. It’s also been rumored that Randon likes to shove quarters up another hole in his body — that’s right, his ear. Oh, and his penis.

Watch below as a well-rounded, well-fed Beasley sets the RecordSetter world record for ‘Most American Quarters Fit Inside A Belly Button’. Why would anyone ever need to do this? Ponder: Only 670 quarters fit in your pockets, but 700 coins are needed to do laundry for the remaining living members of the Brady Bunch (at a quarters-only laundromat). Just shove the other 30 right into your belly button and go on with your day — a great alternative to jamming them up your rectum. So practical!


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