KURATAS Battle Robot—And Other Best Videos of the Day

Wonder Festival 2012 in Tokyo unveiled a rideable hydraulic 13 foot, 4-ton, iPhone controlled Suidobashi Heavy Industry battle robot KURATAS. The mechanized marvel was created by robotics expert Wataru Yoshizaki, and sells for $1.27 million. If you ever need to battle RoboCop, this is your best bet—and that’s why it’s our video pick of the day. Also on the roster, check out dramatic readings of Yelp reviews, the smallest apartment in NYC, and a real-life kitty bank. Watch, learn, and enjoy the best videos of the day!


The Mp3 Experiment Nine

Improv Everywhere once again invades the public space. Listen for the instructions…


Smallest Apartment in NYC

It’s 78 square feet!


Dramatic Readings of Yelp Reviews

Web series with professional actors doing their interpretation of an online restaurant reviews.


Real-Life Version of Mechanical Kitty Bank

You may have seen the Mechanical Kitty Coin Bank from ThinkGeek -here’s just as cute of a version.


Fake Mechanical Kitty Bank

Okay, here’s the novelty version of the above video.


Viral Video on Viral Videos

Why do some videos go viral?

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/45561942 w=500&h=281]

IKEA Flash Mob Slumber Party

Mobbers jumped into beds in their jammies.


Rideable iPhone Controlled KURATAS Battle Robot

The streets of Tokyo are no longer safe! Buy your own for $1.27 million.

Paula Poundstone on Late Night Television [COMEDY TONIGHT)
Paula Poundstone on Late Night Television [COMEDY TONIGHT)
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