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Tiffany Hines [See Her Tonight on 90210]


Tiffany Hines on 90210

(8 pm EST, The CW)

When should we make a big deal out of a rerun of 90210? When it’s one of the rare chances to see Tiffany Hines in her role as a detective last season. She only made six appearances on the show, but you should never miss a chance to take another look at Tiffany. This busy young actress has become a real expert at only showing up on a series every once in a while. Fans of Tiffany on 90210 know to also keep checking out episodes of Bones, where she’s also frequently appeared in episodes. Tiffany had an actual regular role on the she-spy series Nikita, but she only lasted one season on that show. That was still long enough for Tiffany to get even more fans who can’t wait to see her back in their living rooms. You’ll want to tune in tonight, but first check out these pics that show off Tiffany’s real star power…

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