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Rat Attacks Cat and the Best Videos of the Day


It’s almost like an old Yakov Smirnoff joke: “In America cat chases rat, but in Russia rat chases at cat! What a country.” In Russia don’t mess with the rats – they’ll even take on a pack of felines. A feat of this magnitude surely has to make our video pick of the day. Also be sure to check out an Arab terrorist prank, Indy car noises made with a beer can, and the Loin King Rises.

Stop what you’re doing – these are your video picks of the day!

Why Do We Hate Seeing Pictures of Ourselves

Even models hate photos of themselves. Your friends know more what you look like than you do.

Driver Takes Revenge

Open window revenge of the year.

The Science of Power Naps

Best way to rejuvenate your brain and boost creativity. We want nap salons.

The Loin King Rises

The Dark Knight Rises trailer remixed with visuals of The Lion King.

Tom Hardy’s Star Trek Screen Test

Check it out compared to the actual scene in the movie.

USA Gymnast’s Parents Watching daughter

Aly Raisman’s parents look like they’re on a roller coaster.

Kid Makes Accurate Indy Noises With Beer Can

America’s got talent!

Gay Parents Bashing Prank

Small town Texas folks stand up for gay parents.

Arab Prank Show

Hey everyone; it’s the “funny” bus terrorist prank!

Rat Attacks Cat

Only in Russia!

COED Writer