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Camilla Luddington [See Her Tonight on TRUE BLOOD]


Camilla Luddington on True Blood

(9 pm EST, HBO)

This new season of True Blood has been dripping with babes, including Camilla Luddington as a gal who’s never made it sexier to be a faerie. She joined the show right after another hot Sunday night stint, too, having wowed plenty of guys with wild sex scenes on Showtime’s Californication. This beautiful British babe has been working steadily ever since breaking out as a royal cutie in last year’s Lifetime TV-movie William & Kate, where she won over critics in her role of Kate Middleton. Now she’s winning over guys with her Sunday night shenanigans. Check out these hot pics that’ll convince you that faeries are just as wild as any vamps…  [image credit: foxboro]

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