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How Did Vida Guerra Do In Her First Pro-Bikini Competition [100+ PHOTOS]


My short answer is “not well.” Not only does she look much worse than she did a few years ago, Vida came in last place. Anytime a booty like that comes in last you know that you’re in the wrong field of work. This new trend amongst beautiful women is honestly frightening to me. There’s no question that she’s had a fabulous run as one of the hottest butts in the business but then she has to go and ruin our memories with stunts like this.

Personally, I blame Denise Milani. Denise was one of the hottest girls in the world (example) and then she started doing bikini bodybuilder modeling (example). Don’t they understand that they should stop working? I see no problem with you girls finding some rich guy who makes you happy and just hanging up the jerseys forever. Take a look at Vida then and now and weigh in on your thoughts below.

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