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Gina Holden [See Her Tonight in THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT]


Gina Holden in The Philadelphia Experiment

(9 pm EST, Syfy)

There’s something different on the Syfy Channel tonight. Instead of a cheap movie about a sharktopus or a piranhaconda, Syfy is presenting a low-budget remake of the low-budget 1984 time-travel movie The Philadelphia Experiment. That’s fun and geeky. The idea gets hot and geeky, however, with Gina Holden in the cast. Anyone who follows Gina’s Twitter account know the gal is a genuine gamer. Gina’s also become a real fantasy gal with lots of roles in fantasy movies. She was a doomed high-school student in 2006’s Final Destination 3, and followed that with a leading role in Aliens vs. Predators: Requiem. Then she showed up in the same year on the vampire series Blood Ties and the sci-fi show Flash Gordon. Gina went back to the big screen with Saw 3D, but also entertained horror fans with her stint on the slasher series Harper’s Island. Of course, Gina’s a fantasy gal in other ways, too, and we’ve got pics to prove it…

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