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Goth Boy—And Other Best Videos of the Day


Excellent idea: Get small children to tell stories, and then animate the tales. The result is always hilarious. That’s why Goth Boy is one of our video picks of the day. It’s an 8-year old’s story about a kid who gets a new Goth Dad. Also up, we have gummy bears exploding, snake robots, and the rise and fall of The Clash. You need a break, so sit down and watch these videos – NOW!

Jimmy Fallon and Zach Galifianakis Switch Roles

Late night comedy switcheroo.

PBS’s Bob Ross Remixed

Ready for Happy Little Clouds?

“Goth Boy” – Written By A Kid

An 8-old tells a tale. Adults act it out.

 Rise and Fall of The Clash

Documentary teaser on the only band that matters…

Snake Robot

Yeah, it’s pretty f-ing cool!

Irate BMW Woman Won’t Back Down

Don’t mess with the French!

Rollercoaster Simulator

Can you simulate vomiting?

Strange Aussie Weatherman

Let’s see what weather he has organized for us today!

Potassium Chlorate Meets Gummy Bear

Molten potassium chlorate reacts violently with gummy bears!

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