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Amber Tamblyn [See Her Tonight on HOUSE, M.D.]


Amber Tamblyn on House, M.D.

(8 pm EST, FOX)

A lot of people were sad to see the final episode of House, M.D. earlier this year. So were we, but mainly because it was goodbye to our weekly dose of Amber Tamblyn. This quirky actress hasn’t had much luck in finding a regular series, and we were happy to see her become a regular thing on a popular show. There’s no guarantee when Amber will show up again, either. The intellectual beauty prefers being a poet to acting, and always seems ready to turn her back on any glamour in favor of indulging her mind. Of course, we love Amber for her mind, and once even followed her for a few blocks in Manhattan while staring intently at her brain. Some people lack our depth, of course, so here are some pics of Amber showing off her bod, as well—both as a professional actress and as the modern bohemian that guys knew she’d grow up to become when Amber charmed us back in her days starring on Joan of Arcadia. Check her out now, and then say goodbye to her (and that House guy) again tonight…

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