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Miss COED June 2012 Is…


I’m so glad that the COED readers have decided on who they wanted to win Miss COED June 2012 because it was honestly a decision that I couldn’t have made myself. This is not a bad thing, I’m simply stating that our roster is stocked with some of the most beautiful models and actresses around. June 2012’s winner is the perfect example of someone who we love to have as a Miss COED of the Month. While her modeling career is just starting, it’s clear that she’s got a future in the business.

How do we know that? Because she’s only got 50 Twitter followers. And while we suggest that all the models promote the contest on their respective Twitter feeds, it’s clear that the voters didn’t come to COED via a link. They voted for her because she deserved it. There were a few girls who deserved it but Amber Victoria won the contest fair and square. That’s right, this Miss COED June 2012 is Amber Victoria.

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[Her original Miss COED writeup] Amber is a 22 year old model originally hailing from Houston, TX. She traded the Lone Star State for Alberta, Canada to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. After she’s done with school, Amber plans on moving back to Los Angeles to pursue her modeling career. I think it’s safe to say that she’ll be just fine over there. Amber enjoys traveling and playing almost every sports. She also wants you to know that her “boobs are real.” We’re more than happy to relay that message to you.

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