SPY KIDS’ Alexa Vega’s Sexiest TwitPics—And More! [35 PHOTOS]

Child actresses grow up, but they don’t all do it like Alexa Vega! She was already a showbiz veteran when Alexa starred in 2001’s Spy Kids, so it’s no surprise that she stayed in the business. Alexa still grew up with a lot of class, and never came close to being a wreck like other Lovely Ladies we could name. Alexa even made a memorable adult debut in the underseen rock musical Repo! A Genetic Opera. The starlet hasn’t been shy about sharing her adult bod, either. She’s shown off some impressive sideboob over the years, and has Twittered plenty of personal pics.

Alexa’s even made the news with her latest hot Twittery. She’s currently working with director Robert Rodriguez (who helmed the Spy Kids films) on the grindhouse actioner Machete Kills! Alexa kindly posted a pic of herself in a bikini from the set—and we’re looking forward to seeing more of that in the movie! In fact, Alexa should be lethally hot as a hired assassin working for dominatrix Sofia Vergara. Alexa is single, too, having recently divorced her husband of two years. That’s just about the only misstep Alexa’s made in her personal life. Now get personal with Alexa as we check out more sexy TwitPics and other hot shots!

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