Trongs—And Other Best Videos of the Day


Every few years, there pops up a contraption that is so stupid, yet so genius, it captures the public’s imagination. These devices are promoted by people like Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan and coined with such names like “ShamWow.” My current favorite is “Trongs.” This product is promoted as “chopsticks on steroids.” The video for their low-budget TV commercial is one of our picks of the day. While we’re at it, also check out how to scare your wife, a magician challenge, and hockey karma. Now sart killing time at work with our video picks of the day.

65,000 LEGOs Unboxed & Sorted in a 3 Minutes

The Swedish band Rymdreglage  condensed 71 hours into 3-minute time-lapse video.

Collin Mochire’s Favorite Scenes From Star Wars

Follow the Whose Line Is It Anyway? actor as he improvs his favorite scenes from Star Wars.

Magician vs. Magician

Two teams of magicians have 60 minutes to create original magic tricks using things found a dollar store.

How To Scare Your Wife

Also, how to be a complete a-hole!

8-Year Old Destroys Adult in Breakdancing

8-year old to adult: “You’ve been served!”


The best part is: Your fingers stay clean!

Hockey Karma

Steve Sullivan vs. Fan: Don’t give Sullivan a hard time!

Weapon Of Choice

Revisiting one of my favorite Fatboy Slim videos: Christopher Walken tap dancing!

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