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David Beckham Photobombs Fans, Gets To Meet Girls [VIDEO]


We’ll probably see a lot of dopey promotional things going on with the London 2012 Olympics. This one, however, is pretty cool. The people at Adidas put together a free photo booth for UK football fans to get a picture of themselves showing their support for Team GB–that being the Great Britain Olympic Soccer Team. The fans didn’t know that legendary soccer great David Beckham was waiting in the wings to jump in on the shot. Some of the fans’ reactions are pretty funny, but we mostly just like how much fun everyone seems to be having. Of course, Beckham seems to be having the most fun. We’re sure he was particularly thrilled when the occasional hot babes showed up for the stunt. You won’t enjoy the video as much as Beckham did, but that’s okay. Your COED staff is pretty sure that Beckham is enjoying more than we are…

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