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Gisele Bündchen Overdose For Her 32nd Birthday [111 PHOTOS]


Brazil made history 32 years ago, as the South American country released its finest export upon the world. We’re talking about the lovely Gisele Bündchen–who’s marking her birthday today, and doesn’t look a day under the age of Sheer Awesomeness. Gisele is an endangered species, too. Many of her contemporaries consider her to be the last true supermodel. She’s easily earning enough big bucks to keep her at the top of any list of the fashion industry’s highest-paid gals. She’s worth every penny, too. Gisele has a proven record of inspiring record sales for companies that bring her in to show off their designs. We don’t just love Gisele for her money, though. We also admire her sparkling personality, great sense of humor, and–well, we’re sure there’s something else we’re forgetting. Let’s look back at 111 pics of Gisele’s work, and maybe it’ll come back to us…

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