Will Ferrell Bloopers–And Other Best Videos of the Day

Try not laughing. Yes, we say, watch this video collection of Will Ferrell bloopers where he’s improvising his pants off, and try to not laugh. We’re betting you’ll end up howling–and that’s why this video is one of our video picks of the day. If that’s not enough to get your day going, check the evolution of PC games, a Montreal motorbike band, five guys playing one piano–and even more! This videos are for you–so watch them and report back to us!

The Evolution of PC Games

Gamers: Find out how we got to where we are!


Montreal Motorbike Band

But when are these guys going to solve crimes?


Amazon Yesterday’s Shipping

Make sure all your packages arrive yesterday!


Sleepwalk With Me Trailer

Sleepwalk With Me is a forthcoming feature film by IFC Films that is co-written, directed by and starring comedian Mike Birbiglia.


Five Men at Atomic Ground Zero

Ah, the carefree days of atomic bombs. Feel that heat pulse. Hide your eyes.


Reality TV Editing

How to make your own reality TV show.


Greatest Dunk of All Time

In yo face!


5 Guys, 1 Piano

Never seen a piano played like this.


Will Ferrell Bloopers

Try not laughing.

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