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Jim Norton Is 44 Years Old–Read the Great Man’s Words!


It’s Jim Norton’s 44th birthday–which is impressive, since Norton’s probably been at the top of his own Dead Pool for the past 30 years. It’s been pretty amazing watching Norton go from a sexual pervert ranting in comedy clubs to finding a home on the Opie & Anthony radio show. It’s even more amazing to see him hitting the mainstream with best-selling books and a recurring stint on NBC’s Tonight Show. Norton’s as outspoken as ever, though, as you’ll hear on his upcoming special Please Be Offended–debuting Saturday, June 30th on Epix. Now we’re celebrating with a lucky 13 quotes from Norton. Plenty are from his Twitter feed, and longer ones show off his caustic ways and unexpected depth. They’re illustrated with Norton’s precious pics of him posing with celebrities, too. So either get to know Norton, or be reminded why it’s so much fun having him around…

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