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Bengals Cheerleader Sarah Jones Speaks Out Underage Sex Accusation [17 PHOTOS]


Sarah Jones, the ex-Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader accused of having sex with an underage student of hers, spoke out against the allegations for the first time this morning on the Today Show. While we absolutely support the idea of America and “innocent until proven guilty,” we can’t help but feel that something’s a little fishy here. No, we’re not talking about Sarah’s possible STDs, we’re referring to the fact that even Sarah’s mother has had charges of “tampering with evidence” brought against her.

A new piece of information we¬†learned from today’s interview was that Sarah is going to be her own paralegal in the case. That’s right, her lawyer has hired her even though she hasn’t even taken the LSATs. She’s spending her house arrest studying for the test and reading all the articles written about her, so let’s just take a moment to say hello to her. Sarah, even if you’re proven innocent, you given hope to thousands of schoolboys everywhere. Thanks.

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