Kristen Johnston [See Her Tonight on THE EXES]


Kristen Johnston gets exposed on The Exes

(10:30 pm EST, TV Land)

We’re not big fans of the retro sitcoms that show up on the TV Land network. We really hate their three-camera set-ups and canned laughter. We are big fans, however, of tonight’s retro episode of The Exes. Sitcom veteran Kristen Johnston has her breasts featured in this throwback to the classic ’70s days of Jiggle Television. That was back when Farrah Fawcett and Suzanne Somers thrilled adolescent kids with their bouncing breasts. Johnston stars in The Exes as an aging gal who’s screwed up guys in the past, and tonight’s episode is all about her new bra that shows off her ample assets in a new fashion. Also, the guys in the cast go to a strip bar. And furthermore, the episode is titled “Lethal Weapons.” So, congratulations to TV Land for turning their kitschy sitcom scheduling into Must-See Ta-Ta’s! And speaking of Must-See, younger readers must see these pics of the Amazonian actress, just to be reminded that Kristen came before Missi Pyle as a towering sex goddess…

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