Leather Jackets Make Kate Upton Especially Hot [PHOTOS]

Is it any surprise that Kate Upton looks bad-a** in a leather jacket? I’m not saying that she’s about to hop on a motorcycle or anything irresponsible like that, but you can tell that she plays the part of biker chick pretty well. The Sunday Times (July 15th) issue features the blonde pin-up in a few different sweaters and jackets even though it’s become clear that there’s pretty much nothing you can do to hide her chest… By the way, that’s certainly not a bad thing. Grab a towel or two because even looking at Kate Upton wearing a leather jacket in the summertime is enough to make you sweat buckets.

Since we’re so good to you, we’ve also taken the time to include a few other photos of what Kate’s been up to this summer.

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