Watermelon Explosion–And Other Best Videos of the Day


Watermelons make for a great explosions. When they explode, it becomes a whole sea of seeds, rind, and pulp. That’s why we love this video of a bunch of Korean guys who made a watermelon explode by putting rubber bands around it. The stunt turns that melon into a low-tech landmine. Check it out, along with our other top videos of the day. You’ll see a guy’s conversation with his 12-year old Star Wars self, smiling houses, and the Mini-Golf Open. Drop what you’re doing and check out the best videos of the day!

Pie Prank Calls

Grab a pen–there’s a big pie order coming up, and we want to make sure you get it all.

Cow Tells a Dog a Secret

“Don’t drink the milk–I know where it comes from!”

Pat Robertson: Dump Your Muslim Girlfriend

People who are different are scary and bad.

Star Wars: ‘Call Me Maybe’

Watch this video before George Lucas takes it down!

A Conversation With My 12-Year Old Self: Star Wars Special Edition

More Star Wars fun. Here’s a funny parody of the viral video “Conversation with my 12-Year Old Self.”

Exploding a Watermelon With Rubber Bands

Watch what people do when they have too much free time on their hands.

Happy Smiling Homes

A montage of some of the happiest homes I’ve ever seen.

WayCooler App

From the creators of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Make everything waaaay cooler!

Epic Crying Baby Prank

All you need is an old man mask and a baby crying app–then watch the fun!

Mini-Golf Open

Improv Everywhere takes on the world of tiny golf. Watch out for the notorious loop-to-loop!

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