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How Much Does All The Stuff In Steve Wozniak’s Backpack Cost?


Isn’t the selling-point of Apple’s iPad or iPhone that you no longer have to carry around a boatload of gadgets? This photo found on Gawker seems to suggest that even Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak isn’t entirely convinced of this notion. He’s identified over 30 different items/gadgets that can be found in his travel backpack at any time. So how much would something like this cost to actually buy? $8,125 according to our resident COED mathematician. View the orignal photo here, then check the math.

Macbook Pro (Surprisingly not the Retina display): $1,900
+ iPad 64 GB: $829 + Cellular Data
+ iPhone 4S (Unlocked): $849
+ Galaxy Nexus (Unlocked) x2: $840
+ Ultimate Ears UE18 (not Pictured): $800
+ iPhone 4S (Verizon): $399 + Cellular Data
+ iPod Nano + Watchband: $175
+ Droid RAZR: $600
+ Garmin GPS: $270
+ 4G Mifis (Jetpack 4G LTE) x2: 100
+ 3G Mifis (Novatel Mifi 2200) x2: $120
+ Mophie Battery Charger: $79.00
+ Kindle Touch: $99
+ Jambox: $199
+ Zaggmate (iPad Case/Keyboard): $75
+ Airport Express (Not Pictured): $99
+ Bluetooth Mouse (Not Pictured): $69
+ Gameboy Light x3 (Not Pictured): $240
+ Gameboy Link Cables (Not Pictured): $10
+ Pens, Pencils, Laserpointers (Not Pictured): $175
+ Flash Drives (Not Pictured): $200

= Total: $8,125 (not including the sh*tload of various items that he listed off at the bottom)

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