5 Reasons Why You Should Try Being A Fake Bouncer [CHEAP DATE TONY]

Want to have some cheap fun? Stand outside the entrance of a bar and become The Fake Bouncer. All it takes is a sense of authority, good posture, and a stern look. That’s how you get people to automatically assume that you’re the gateway to a fun night at the bar. At least that’s how it is for me. Whenever I stand outside a bar for some fresh air (or just to hang with my smoking friends) people come up to me and automatically show me their IDs. I’ve learned that being a fake bouncer is a great way to meet women.  You look at their ID, get their vital details, and say things like, “So, how is your night going?” This allows you to get their name, the city they’re from, and even their astrological sign. Of course, you also have to project the attitude that this is serious business–because you are security!

Total Cost of Adventure: Free

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