40 Sexiest Anne Hathaway Sideboob Photos!

The Dark Knight Rises had its big premiere last night–and it’s not an Anne Hathaway movie until she’s shown up to provide plenty of side-boob for the big event. She’s proudly built a reputation as a built actress who’s always ready to show off her curves. Anne sure didn’t disappoint with last night’s outfit, with plenty of plentiful side-boobage on display. As usual, the cat’s out of the bag when you bring in a Catwoman like this gal…  [lead image via: dailymail]

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But that’s still far from the best in Anne Hathaway sideboobage. We’ve got 40 favorite sideboob shots compiled from other premieres, her own films, other events, and even a day at the beach. Check out the sheer generosity of Anne Hathaway as she shows off her generous talents. You can blatantly stare, too–because there are no sideways glances when it comes to Anne’s sideboobs!

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