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Star Wars Moto X–And Other Best Videos of the Day


Do you know what Star Wars Stormtroopers need? Moto bikes. Why? So they can ride them through the desert. Petty cool, huh? That’s why this video is one of our Fave Picks of the Day. We also have: Dad blowing up Mom, guys videotaping girls’ butts in public, and Pee Wee Herman meeting the Dark Knight. Take a well-needed work break and enjoy the best videos of the day!

The Dog Report, A Humorous Canine News Mini-Series on Dogster

The dog report will make you stand up and say “bark.”

Star Wars Moto X

It’s Darth-tastic!

Even Bill Cosby Bombs

Seriously. Watch Bill Cosby die on stage.


How To Catch A Kangeroo

Everyone wants a live kangaroo in a shopping bag.

Amy Poehler Flawlessly Answers Your Questions

Ask Amy: Makeup.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer with Pee-wee Herman

From the Jimmy Fallon Show: What if Pee Wee Herman did the voice over for the Dark Knight Rises trailer?

Bill Nye: Could climate change be wildfire cause?

CNN calls Bill Nye “the cooky guy.” Awkward.

Dad blows up mom.

Dad makes his first video on his iPad–and guess what he does!

Goobers In Public

Don’t video her butt. It’s awkward.

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