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Sara Bettencourt: THE REAL L WORD Star’s Real Lesbian World! [60 LESBIANIC PICS!]


It’s a new season of The Real L Word on Showtime tonight, and the lesbianism gets even lovelier as Sara Bettencourt joins the cast. Of course, the former hair stylist has been on the reality show since it premiered in 2010. It’s just that Sara’s on-again/off-again affair with Whitney Mixter kept her hovering around as a guest star. This new season features the lovers going bi-coastal between Los Angeles and Brooklyn, with rumors of a lesbian wedding on the show. Sara has certainly embraced her role as a lesbian favorite, with her and Whitney touring the world as a wild couple. Sara’s the wilder of the two–as you can probably tell from the “Rebel Spirit” tattoo that covers her shapely stomach. She’s eager to document her wild life, too. Check out these pics of Sara at home, on the road, and winning over her fellow lesbians with sexy moves on the dance floor. You also get hot pics of Sara and Whitney–and shots of Sara getting intimate with her L Word co-star Romi Klinger, who has some feelings for Whitney! Oh, the drama…

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