Should You Stop Going On Dates Once You Start “Dating”? [HE SAID/SHE SAID]

It’s a problem that every dude faces once they actually start “dating” a chick: the end of actual dates. Actually, allow me to rephrase that first part… It’s a problem that every dude faces: dealing with their girlfriends once the lucky lady realizes there won’t be many more dinner or movie dates. So how does a newly-wife’d up bachelor avoid this inevitable headache (besides actually taking her out on the dates)? By trying to find the time while you’re “out” when you can with just the two of you. [lead image via Shutterstock]

Listen homie, I get it. You’re already spending a sh*tload of time with her. Why would you want to tack more time onto that responsibility? Well guess what, you’re dating her. That’s what happens when you date someone. I seriously suggest leaving the relationship if you’re not ready for that little responsibility. Before you pull the plug, though, it’s important to know that she’s not really missing the expensive dinners and/or movies; she’s missing the personal time between the two of you.

Wave goodbye to these nights [via Shutterstock]

I can understand the importance of trying to keep business (your girlfriend) and pleasure (your actual friends) separate, but you need to find a way to get over this hump–it’s the only way that you’re going to be able to stay sane. If you can’t, you’re going to absolutely burn yourself out trying to go out and hang with both parties on different nights.

Once you finally get everyone to play nice and blackout at the same party together, you’re going to need to find the time to pull her aside and spend some “QT” with the little lady. Play on her beer pong team. Take a shot with her. It doesn’t need to be boring time. It just needs to be time away from everyone else. The little short investments you make with her now will avoid a major headache longer on down the road.

I know that this is a somewhat short HS/SS post but I’m a victim of not taking my own advice. I owe the ol’ ball and chain a date to see Magic Mike. These are the kinds of things you get punished with for not taking the time out of your nights.

Long story short, find ways to have fun with your girlfriend even when you’re out with your boys. You can transform “nights out on the town” into “dates” if you’re political about it, thereby completely rerouting your duties to take her out. Regardless, though, you’re still going to need to spend some time chilling with her watching a movie or something every now and then.


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