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The Naked Girls of the USA Olympic Volleyball Team PHOTOS]


What are the odds of finding an entire Olympian team ready to strip down for the 2012 ESPN Body Issue? The magazine got lucky with the US Olympic Volleyball Team. You’re looking at some real champions stripping down and showing off their amazing bods. This year’s Volleyball team is ranked first in the world, and they spent last year putting fear into their future Olympic opponents. That’s not the emotion you’ll feel checking out these beauties, though–although their bodies are sure fierce… [lead image via ESPN / banner images via Shutterstock]

Destinee Hooker

Destinee Hooker is an opposite–meaning it’s her job to play the outside of the volleyball court and set up shots for her teammates. She certainly set up an amazing solo shot in the ESPN Body Issue, and the 24-year-old is easily the opposite of whatever scares guys about muscular gals.

Cynthia Barboza

She’s 25 now, but Cynthia Barboza was flagged as an aspiring Olympian back when she was just 14 years old. She’s a veteran competitor, too, and was the youngest member of the 2004 women’s national volleyball training team back in 2004.

Alisha Glass

At only 24 years old, Alisha Glass isn’t too far removed from her college days of playing volleyball at Penn State University. She was born into volleyball, too, with her mother serving as her high school volleyball coach–and her grandfather as her high school basketball coach.

Stacy Sykora

Stacy Sykora has a lot to celebrate when it comes to her body. The 35-year-old defensive specialist had a serious accident last year that put her in a three-day coma. She managed to come back strong, and is hitting the Olympics (and her nude photo shoot) when plenty of ladies would still be in rehab.

Megan Hodge

Megan Hodge is a second-generation volleyball champ, with both of her parents being veterans of the Virgin Islands National Volleyball team. The 23-year-old came to the States when she was only 3 years old, and eventually grew up to stand at a very healthy 6’3”.

Nellie Spicer

She’s relatively petite at 5’9”, but Nellie Spicer packs a lot of punch into her shapely body. The former UCLA stand-out is 25 years old, andd still holds the Illinois state high school record for most aces in a season–at 106!

Heather Bown

33-year-old Heather Bown says she likes volleyball for “the merging of femininity and power”–and we’re sold on the power of her femininity. She’s also making a good case for older gals kicking ass on the court!

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