Help Philly D Help Michael Buckley Help Kelly Ripa–Plus More News From Philly’s Latest Video!

It’s a new Youtube video from Philly D, and he has all the news that matters today! Well, it’s the news that matters to him, and Philly’s our kind of guy. In today’s world events: Philly’s updated his blog, and he’s got an enthused take on the scandal. He’s also pushing his Youtube pal Michael Buckley, who’s trying hard to score a guest-hosting spot on Live With Kelly. (Vote for him!) Philly also has bad news about the ACTA agreement and its effects on the internet. He has even worse news about Sofia Vergara. (She’s engaged.) But there’s good news, too! (Sofia Vergara is playing a dominatrix in a movie!) Well, you might have already known about the movie, but Philly makes it sound brand new! Now get ready for a special kind of contact high as you catch that Philly enthusiasm…

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