Briana Lane [See Her Tonight on BABY DADDY]

Briana Lane guests on Baby Daddy

(8:30 pm EST, ABC Family)

A show with a title like Baby Daddy should get you running away–along with the fact that it’s on the ABC Family channel. You’ll want to tune in tonight, though, since this Baby Daddy has Briana Lane busting out in a guest turn. The writer/producer/director has been too busy to take the time to be a proper sex bomb. The brainy beauty has mostly used her bod for comedic purposes–although she’s also racked up plenty of dramatic roles. It’s always a surprise when Briana takes the time to do a little swimsuit modeling. As you can see here, though, Briana’s built for stardom. She’s just too busy indulging all of her talents to show off her most vital assets. So be sure to watch Briana tonight (she’s playing a nurse!) and follow her on Twitter to be charmed even more–although these pics should do that job pretty well…

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