Tiffani Thiessen [See Her Tonight on WHITE COLLAR]

Tiffani Thiessen is still on White Collar

(9 pm EST, USA)

Whatever happened to Tiffani Thiessen, you ask? She’s still on the USA Network’s White Collar, which starts a new season tonight. But more importantly, whatever happened to that special feeling Tiffani gave to young men as they watched her on Saved By The Bell or Beverly Hills, 90210? It’s still there, too! Tiffani never gave us memorable sex scenes like Elizabeth Berkley did in Showgirls, but she did contribute one of the kinkiest scenes to ever play living rooms with an episode of Married with Children. That’s why we’re still happy to welcome Tiffani back into our own living room on a weekly basis. We’re even happier to look back at Tiffani’s hot pics.You’ll find that she might have been a tease on the screen, but Tiffani was always eager to please in a photo shoot! And we’ve included video of that scene from Married With Children, because anything else would be wrong.  [image credit: mahiram]

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