3 Men Outwit 15 Hungry Lions–And Other Best Videos of the Day

How’s this for a show of confidence? Three brave African elders face a pride of 15 hungry lions, and end up stealing their meat! Amazing! Talk about having some cojones. I get mad when someone steals the fries off my tray at Wendy’s. Surely this stunt isn’t something you should try at home. That’s why it’s one of our video picks of the day. Also on deck: Game of Thrones as a NBC Sitcom, a cat photobombs a reporter, and 135 NASA space shuttles launch at once. We know it’s early, but take time off work and watch these videos. Enjoy them. Then go about your life as usual.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/27505192 w=500&h=281]

Video Featuring All 135 NASA Space Shuttle Launches At Once

California artist McLean Fahnestock features all of NASA‘s 135 space shuttle launches in the same video – at one time! Play it loud.


Synchronized Soldier Display at Military Parade in Belarus

This is crazy; it’s like dominos falling and a stadium wave combined. Cool.


3 Men Stealing Meat from 15 Hungry Lions

Confidence is the key!


Kitten Freaks Out at Sneeze

Bring on the massive YouTube page views!


Game of Thrones as a NBC Sitcom

Game of Friends anyone?


The Front Desk: Vow of Silence

Fred Armisen checks in. Hilarity ensues. Yes, it’s funny. Check out the entire web series.


Woman Beats Pastor with Bible

The Word of God is pretty powerful.


Cat Interrupts Reporter By Climbing On Her

A cat photobombs the news report.


Call Me Maybe: An Intervention

A parody of A&E’s “Intervention.”

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Breaking Bad Art: Fans Pay Respect to Jesse and Mr. White
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