Katy Perry’s Star-Spangled Sideboob–Plus 20 More Pics of Her Sideboob Hits!


David Letterman was once interviewing Katy Perry about her upbringing as a good Christian girl. Then the late-night host showed a magazine cover featuring Katy. “What,” asked Letterman, “does God think of that?” “That’s side boob,” laughed Katy–but Katy Perry’s sideboob is no laughing matter! Katy Perry has, in fact, redefined sideboob. Katy even offers up sideboob when facing the camera directly! That’s an achievement worth celebrating. Actually, Katy has a lot to celebrate. Her concert film Part of Me opens today, and Katy was recently on the cover of Parade magazine celebrating the Fourth of July. The smart Brits at the Daily Mail jumped on that patriotic display. They have a fine article on Katy’s photo shoot for Parade, which includes this amazing pic of Katy showing off some sideboob with some sailor boys. We’ve added that to this amazing gallery of Katy’s best sideboobage. They may just be parts of her, but they add up to an eyeful!  [image credit: dailymail]

Katy Perry also just lost her bikini while surfing at a waterpark. Check out those photos her ‘great white whale’ here!

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