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Heidi Klum Joins the Point of Boob Club – Plus 34 More Lady Landscapes!


What’s the best view on the beach? Judging from this pic, it seems to be checking out the ocean from the length of Heidi Klum’s body! Yes, that’s a genuine supermodel catching her own bod on camera. Heidi posted the pic on her Twitter account–making her part of a summer tradition that COED calls Point-of-Boob. Any number of accommodating gals have taken the time to whip out their camera (or cellphone) and shoot a pic showing off their amazing curves. We say they’re all artists, since some of these pics are truly amazing special effects. What we wouldn’t give to be a pesky little insect buzzing among those curves. It’s okay if we’d get swatted, too. If we were really on that beach with Heidi, she’d just end up calling a SWAT team. Now check out Heidi and other gals in a fascinating selection of homemade erotic photography. Check out our captions, too. Heidi isn’t the only celebrity in the bunch…

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