Allison Mack [See Her Tonight on WILFRED]

Allison Mack on Wilfred

(10 pm EST, FX)

Charlie Sheen and Louis C.K. got all the attention, but the FX channel’s Thursday night line-up also has the bizarre sitcom Wilfred–now with Allison Mack joining the cast! That’s an even bigger deal than the idea of a successful show about a depressed guy who sees his dog as a guy in a dog suit. Allison became a real Geek Goddess back in her days as the brainy Chloe Sullivan on Smallville. Fanboys became fanmen as Allison embraced her off-screen role as a quirky sex symbol. It’s hard to believe that Chloe was a character on Smallville for ten seasons without seriously hooking up with Tom Welling as young Clark Kent–but maybe he was content with using his x-ray vision. We’ve been discontented without Allison, although we’ve gotten by with following her on Twitter (and her occasional Huffington Post column). Now we’re tuning in tonight–but not before checking out these pics of Allison’s brainy assets…

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