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2012 London Olympics Beach Volleyball Cheerleader Preview [58 PHOTOS]


The London Olympics really have us on our heels when it comes to beach volleyball. First, the Olympic Committee scared us into worrying that beach volleyball was going to be played in something other than little bathing suits. Now, we’re seeing CHEERLEADERS on the London beach volleyball courts.

As Foggy London Town is preparing to host the Olympic Games, they’ve put together a series of warm-up events called London Prepares.┬áThe Beach Volleyball expo featured 24 teams from 16 nations, including the United States. One of the “added value” forms of entertainment were cheerleaders who could be spotted wearing tourquoise bikinis (note: they’re the hot ones dancing and throwing each other into the air).

Are we to expect these sexy cheerleaders in the Olympics? Here are 58 reasons why you should join us in keeping your fingers crossed.

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