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4th of July Fireworks: Top 10 Painful Fails Caught On Video


 They say, “It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye.” Even then, it’s still sort of funny – especially if it involves fireworks and YouTube. (Disclaimer: Coed isn’t endorsing eye injuries.) Every 4th of July, you hear about some idiot who pointed a pack of Screaming Banshees  directly at their pupils while lighting the fuse. Some say this is a tragic mishap; I say it’s natural selection at it’s finest – maybe it’s time to let that bloodline go extinct?

As a 4th of July cautionary tale, here are 12 of the most painfully funny (with “funny” being subjective) firework fails – of all time!

1. Way Too Low

It appears that some fireworks went off wrong – and caused a mishap.

2. Burn Down the Farm

Smokey the Bear says, “Only dumb asses light fireworks in the middle of a dry, grassy field.”

3. Straight to the Face

Ha, ha, ha! It’s so funny cuz he was probably blinded!

4. Too Much Magnesium 

Yes, a little too much magnesium indeed!

5. Homemade Fireworks Fail

Rule of thumb: If a firework doesn’t go off, be sure to put it in your hand and hold it up to your face.

6. Fireworks Factory Explosion

General credo of common sense: People in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks, and people who own fireworks factories shouldn’t let their f-ing factories blow up.

7. Roman Candle to the Face

This is how dinosaurs went extinct.

8. Fireworks Out the Ass

Surely these fellas will always remember their first homosexual experience for the rest of their lives.

9. Fail to the Face

Ha ha ha! He’s hurt. Ha ha ha.

COED Writer