Lindsay Lohan’s 26th Birthday: A Tribute to Her Boobs [127 PHOTOS]


Hey Lindsay Lohan  – it’s you and your marvelous boobs’ birthday! Lindsay got the party started on July 2nd, 1986. How did LiLo and her tantalizing mammaries celebrate her 26-years on the planet over the weekend? According to the US Weekly, The Parent Trap star danced up a storm with pals but kept things dry during her birthday celebration. (Is “dry” a euphemism for doing “massive amounts of coke”?) Here’s the official story of what went down at the Lohan birthday soiree:

She sat at her table close to the DJ,” a witness was quoted saying. “[Up-and-coming group] Speakerz was there and performed several songs for Lindsey. She was loving them and looked happy and carefree as she danced all around with her friends.”

Later, the star was presented with cake and Sprinkles Cupcakes, and the whole room broke out singing “Happy Birthday.”

Happy birthday Lindsay! As a celebration for all of us, here’s a massive gallery of Lindsay – along with her marvelous boobs:

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