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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Katy Perry


Katy Perry is releasing her concert documentary Part of Me on July 5th–and if it’s as successful as her albums, it’ll still be playing the multiplexes at Christmas. It’s hard to believe that Katy once looked like a one-hit wonder with the 2008 success of “I Kissed A Girl.” Instead, the daring pop artist has become a true Top 40 phenomenon.¬†She continually owns the summer pop charts, and Katy’s sold massive amounts of records (and downloads) in a time when people supposedly quit buying music. She’s also shown off an awesome bod to match all her amazing talents. There’s still plenty about Katy that’s gone unknown by both casual fans and serious followers. Check out some bizarre fun facts while you get ready to ogle Katy from a theater’s front row–and we’ll be there right next to you! Did we mention the movie’s in 3D?

COED Writer
J.R. Taylor has spent several years covering all aspects of pop culture for prestigious publications. Well, they were prestigious. Contact me: @google+ @twitter @email @website