Shera Bechard Earns Genius Visa: Playboy Model Started #FriskyFriday! [32 Pics!]


It’s time for another Playboy model to make the news–although Shera Bechard is doing it in a new way. The former Miss November 2010 is getting attention after her immigration lawyer got the Canadian cutie a special Genius Visa–more commonly known as the O-1 and EB-1 visas. According to government regulations, this special category is reserved for people of “extraordinary ability” who might have won an “internationally recognized award, such as a Nobel Prize.” The visa is supposed to be good for three years, and (thank God) can be extended. The word is that you also get special treatment with an O-1 visa, since airport employees know that it means you’re some kind of VIP. Of course, Shera probably already gets special attention at the airport. Some people are mocking the government for giving Shera her Genius Visa, but we can’t think of a more fitting candidate. After all, she was the first Playmate to post a #FriskyFriday pic as part of Playboy’s Twitter campaign. It wasn’t her idea, but it took a special kind of daring genius to blaze that path! Now check out some of Shera Twitter’s pics (and more) that’ll get your briefs blazing! (And if you are not following her Twitter account, then you are insane.)  [image credit: plunderguide]

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