James Bond Is Back With New “007 Legends” Video Game [PREVIEW]

2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the original James Bond film, Dr. No. This classic is revered by Bond and cinema fans and its success allowed for the countless other Bond sequels to come to fruition. Paying homage to the history of the film franchise, Activision has announced the release of 007 Legends this Fall. The last Bond video game, Goldeneye: Reloaded, did not disappoint and it looks like we’ll be getting some more of the same with Legends.

The standout coolest feature of 007 Legends is the fact that you get to play through missions from six different Bond films. That’s right, you are no longer relegated to playing in one story. You get to sneak and shoot your way through five classic movies and the upcoming Skyfall. This is something that a Bond game has yet to tackle, and while it sounds interesting and awesome, I wonder how effectively they will mesh stories from six completely different films. If they pull it off, it could be epic.

The level we got to demo was none other than Moonraker. The visuals and characters are almost spot on with the movie, making for a really enjoyable in-game experience. The game producers were mum on the other films included in the movie, but they will be releasing one a month up until the games release in October. A main goal of producers was to make the game-play and cut-scenes feel as cinematic as possible. After just minutes, that became apparent. Everything was done on a bigger and better scale, really giving the game a cinematic feel.

Being a Bond game, naturally I was excited to see what types of gadgets would be featured. They took my expectations and exceeded them in only a brief preview. We got to see an EMF Viewer (traces electricity/energy), a watch with built-in sonar and a pen with built-in tranquilizer or distraction dart. Each of these gadgets can be used to your advantage throughout the levels as you stealthily make your way around the enemies.

If the rest of the levels are as epic as the Moonraker one, this game promises to be a good one. On top of the story mode, there will be single player MI6 missions (with online leader-board), local multiplayer and online multiplayer, promising great re-playability. Keep an eye on 007 Legends over the next few months for updates on the rest of the movies to be featured and be sure to pick up a copy when the game drops on October 16.

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