Guy Eats Shampoo and the Best Videos of the Day

A guy eats shampoo. Moments later he spews bubbles. Laughing takes place on my part. Guy blows more bubbles. More laughing. Video ends. I go about my life. But the stunt has stayed with me till the day. (Today.) Because this is one of my favorite videos du jour. What else is on the dance card? Sexy Sax Man, funny subway prank, and the best bloopers from the TV show Friends.

Okay, take a break from your meager, trivial little lives and watch some meager, trivial little videos! These are our video picks of the day!

Sexy Sax Man Careless Whisper Prank

How much can a sexy sax man get away with?

T.E.D. (Transformations, Emotional Deconstruction)

80 Teddy Ruxpin dolls recite emotional online messages. Genius. Reminds me of Wonder Showzen.

There’s Something Very Unique About My Subway Station

A fraction of an inch can make all the difference on a subway step. Tripping follows.

The Best of “Friends” Bloopers

Friends were even funny when they were f-ing up.

‘The Spin Class Song’ with Jimmy Fallon & LMFAO

It’s time that Spin Class had its own song.

Speed Dating

What’s on people’s minds when they date? Let’s find out.

8-Bitham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

What if the movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter had an old-school 8-bit sidescrolling beat ’em up feel?

Mila Kunis About WoW

Hollywood hottie on World of Warcraft.

Anakin Our Two Legged Kitten Playing With His ball & Feather

This is one of my favorite 2 legged cats.

I’ve Discovered Something Amazing!

This kid is my bubble hero.

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