Film Critics Collide: It’s TED vs. MAGIC MIKE!

This summer keeps getting weirder with the new movie releases. The film season doesn’t usually feature major-studio releases about foul-mouthed stoner teddy bears and guys who take off their pants for a living. That’s what you get with Ted and Magic Mike taking over the multiplexes this weekend. Both films have some serious clout behind them, too. Ted is written and directed (and voiced by) Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, while Magic Mike is from artsy director Steven Soderbergh. The film critics are thrilled not to be reviewing your usual kiddie films–and yet they can’t come to an agreement about what they’re watching…

Ted [trailer]
Starring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Seth MacFarlane
Directed by Seth MacFarlane

We’re not sure why it’s taken so long to see the first motion picture from the creator of Family Guy–but Ted sure looks like what we’ve been expecting. It’s the touching tale of a little boy and his Christmas wish that brings his teddy bear to life–and then they both grow up to be major-league stoners who never seem to get off the couch. Then the guy meets Mila Kunis, who’s just the kind of gal to get a guy to reconsider his life with a foul-mouthed furry friend. Everyoneat the COED offices loves the movie, but we’ve got two critics offering the pros and cons…

Plush With Laughs! Andrew O’Hehir @ Salon

Totally Threadbare! Joe Holleman @ St. Louis Post-Dispatch

image bug via astudio / shutterstock

Magic Mike [trailer]
Starring Channing Tatum, Matt McConaughey, Olivia Munn
Directed by Steven Soderbergh

There have been a lot of movies about male strippers, but none that have this kind of artistic clout. For starters, this one’s directed by the acclaimed Steven Soderbergh. Also, you’ve got Channing Tatum coming off the success of 21 Jump Street–and in a movie based on his own early days as a dancer. That’s enough to bring in the ladies. We’re also happy to announce that Oliva Munn has a topless scene, so there’s also something for the guys. Now here are two lady critics who are politely disagreeing over what the movie means to them…

Sexy Good! Sara Stewart @ New York Post

Major Turn-Off! Victoria Alexander @ Film Festival Today

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