Charisma Carpenter [See Her Tonight on SUPERNATURAL]

Charisma Carpenter buffs up Supernatural

(9 pm EST, The CW)

There’s a lot to love about summer reruns–and especially when you’ve got Charisma Carpenter returning in a great episode of Supernatural! She’s part of a mini-Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion with James Marsters, playing a jealous witch who’s wrathful over her cheating husband. It’s another reminder that Charisma should’ve been a big star after breaking out in Buffy. It’s going to be a hot summer, though, since Charisma is finally hitting the big-screen in the upcoming The Expendables 2.  Charisma is also going to be yet another babe heating up the ABC Family Channel when she joins their show The Lying Game as a regular next season. Now check out this sizzling gallery of Charisma at her sexiest, and you’ll on the couch tonight and in the theater on August 17th! Don’t follow Charisma on Twitter, though. We have a special relationship with her there…

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