15 Creepy Ventriloquists And Their Equally Creepy Dummies!

It’s agreed: ventriloquists and their dummies are pretty damn creepy! Let’s examine the scenario.  What you have is a grown adult with their hand up a doll’s backside, bantering back-and-forth through clenched teeth. In almost every movie involving ventriloquists, they are portrayed as schizophrenics with serious social problems. I always imagine a ventriloquist living alone in crummy one-bedroom apartment breaking into loud arguments at night with his dummy. (“I said pass the salt.” “No you didn’t!” “Yes I did!” “NO, I DID NOT!”)

If you have a fear of ventriloquists’ dummies, the proper idiom for your source of your dread is, “autonomatonophobia.” Ready to have the living heebee jeebees scared out of ya? Time to take in 15 Creepy Ventriloquists and Their Equally Creepy Dummies!

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